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Membership Packages

The Artist
The Artist is a student who wants to learn the basics about music, but intends to use it as personal growth and development. The artist wants to learn and understand, but is not as eager to perform and compete. They also have multiple different hobbies, thus they will not be committing a lot of time to practice.
Scheduled Studio Time: 30 min. per week

The Entertainer

The Entertainer is a student who loves the stage and wants to have fun with music. They are eager to perform in school functions, shows, recitals, and showcases. This student is happy to collaborate with others and aims to create recordings and memories to share with family and friends. Music is one of two or three extra activities for this student, so they will plan to spend more time practicing.
Scheduled Studio Time: 45 min. per week

The Performer

The performer takes the goals of the entertainer and expands them even further. This student is eager to perform, complete music
examinations, and compete. This student takes music learning seriously and sees it as being a major component of their future life. This student only has one or two other extra activities, so they spend the most time practicing.

Scheduled Studio Time: 60 min. per week (+FREE Theory Classes!)



Private Lessons

The Music as Language studio offers packages to fit many different goals with music and learning. Students can always transition in their goals as they reach different points in their life. These packages apply to voice, guitar, or piano lessons.

One thing that differentiates Music as Language from other studios is that once you are set in a package, your rates will never increase as long as you stay with our studio! New rates only apply to new students!

Further, all private students are automatically considered members of Music As Language. Check out our membership benefits here.

We currently offer:
Piano Lessons
Voice Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Drum Lessons

Violin Lessons

Bass Lessons

Banjo Lessons

Ukulele Lessons

Mandolin Lessons

Songwriting Lessons

Home Recording Lessons
Music Theory/Composition Lessons


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