SUPPORT - General Member Benefits

iTunes, Amazon, or Android Store Credit (Entertainer and Performer Packages Only)

  • Each member will have the option to receive $10-$20 in mobile store credit annually for the purchase of recommended games, music, and apps for learning and immersion in music, language, and technology.

MTAC Member Benefits

  • Select Music As Language teachers are proud members of the Music Teachers Association of California. This organization provides performance opportunities, exam opportunities, and scholarships for outstanding student performers.

Online Billing, Payments, Calendar, and Files

  • Stay up-to-date on all activities and invoicing at home or on the road with our easy-to-use online portal. Each student and family receives login information during their first month of lessons.

Continual Student Development Activities

  • Learn - Listen - Read - Speak!
  • See our extensive activities and student growth opportunities in the following pages!

LEARN - Growth Opportunities

Student Stars

  • The student star series showcases two stellar students per month. The goal of this program is to keep students engaged, working to make progress, reach goals, and learn quickly.

Guiding Goals

  • Guiding goals helps students and teachers stay on track. Once a year, a student will create several short-term goals, a couple of broader goals, and one ultimate goal. As students achieve their goals, they will receive a series of prizes, leading to the "ultimate gift" at the end of the year. Goal setting, deadline focus, and accountability help students clearly define success and team-building strategies.

LISTEN - Quarterly Quests

Community-Led Seminars

  • Music as Language loves to work with the community. The best way to learn about our world is to listen to people engaged in it. We will bring in thought-leaders in all fields to showcase how artistic endeavors, communication, and goal setting will help in any future profession.

Teacher-Led Workshops

  • Our teachers have many gifts. Occasionally, they will lead workshops from sound production in technology, to performance practices, technique, music history, theory, etc. Be prepared to be awed!

Student-Led Activities

  • Did you know that your fellow students have accomplished great things? Check out this series for new and innovative ideas, games, and activities from your fellow students.

Professional Performance Updates

  • The Bay Area is a broad host to multiple professional performances. We will keep you updated on concerts ranging from classical to jazz to pop to world music and everything in between!

READ - Exam and Scholarship Benefits

Certificate of Merit (Entertainer and Performer Packages with Select Teachers Only)

  • The Music Teachers' Association of California (MTAC) sponsors the music study program Certificate of Merit (CM). The program provides a standard of curriculum that requires students to strive for focused musical excellence in performance, technique, ear training, sight reading/singing, and music theory. Initiated in 1933, the annual statewide program involves approximately 30,000 music students.

ABRSM (Performer Package Only)

  • ABRSM is the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music delivering over 650,000 exams and assessments every year in 93 countries. ABRSM is committed to supporting music-making, learning and development throughout the world.

Quarterly Reports

  • To keep communication open and teach students about accountability, deadlines, goal-setting, progress, and creativity, teachers will complete reports - offering grades - for parents to track progress and efforts. These will be personalized and offer strategies, techniques, tips, and encouragement to help keep students motivated and parents "in-the-loop."‚Äč

SPEAK - Performance Opportunities

Student Showcase and Recognition Concert

  • The Student Showcase brings together students of all ages and abilities to showcase where students are going and where they've been. This performance is exciting to see students grow from performance to performance. This is also where Music As Language will recognize top students and announce annual awards.

Rock for a Reason (Entertainer and Performer Packages only)

  • Rock for a Reason is our annual collaborative show. This show brings together students and professionals alike to showcase amazing music, talent, and fun.

Scholarship Competition (Performer Package Only)

  • The annual competition provides scholarship opportunities for students. This event is for our most advanced students and is a great opportunity for all students to see the talent abounding in our community.

Community Events and Competitions (Entertainer and Performer Packages only)

  • Music as Language loves to bring students into their communities. We can provide entertainment, fun, and excitement to community events. These will be posted on Facebook and in our calendar as they arise.

Achievement Solo Recital or Recording Package (Performer Package only)

  • When students achieve certain goals and levels, they are invited to play their own 30-min or hour long solo recital or recording session. They may invite guest performers, but ultimately, it is their day. Music as Language works with parents to plan the show or session. This is the ultimate goal of the serious music student. It is our pleasure to help see it realized.

Student Activities and Membership Benefits

Music as Language believes that the best way to learn is through immersion. With this, we want to support students through providing benefits
and activities where they can learn, listen, read, and speak.

Please find a breakdown of these member benefits below.

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