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Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Music as Language different from other music studios?

  • Our teachers have worked in other studios from university settings to pre-school music classes. We have one idea in common. We believe that music lessons can be taught differently than how we learned. We feel that the strict music classes, based solely on the goal of professional performance, are antiquated and rigid. We want to help students learn to love music and how to incorporate what they are learning into their studies, their goals, and their lives. With this teaching style, many of our students actually do go on to pursue music professionally, while others are in medical school, teaching, discovering academia, and working with tech-companies to create the newest operating systems. All of our students discover how to reach their top potential in whatever they decide to do.

How do I get started? How does this work? How much are singing lessons? How much are piano lessons?

  • The prices and amount of time spent are up to you! Once you have considered the plan options, click here to submit a contact request. We will get in touch as soon as possible! Thank you for your interest, we can’t wait to meet you!

Does Music as Language participate in state exams?

  • Absolutely! Our students have received top honors in the ABRSM Exams, as well as MTAC’s Certificate of Merit program. We also work with top bay area and California state competitions and are always looking for more development options for our students.

Does my student need to commit to a certain amount of practice per week?

  • As with any skill, the more time you put into your music, the faster you will learn. There are no mandatory practice schedules; each student chooses their own pace from Lento to Presto. It’s all up to you!

What instrument(s) will we need at home?

  • This is decided between the student, parent, and teacher. Usually an introductory instrument is a good way to start!

Do you teach beginning students?

  • Of course! We understand that everyone has to begin somewhere. In fact, we love beginners, because we can help them incorporate our unique learning style from the foundation upward. We specialize in piano lessons and voice lessons for beginners.

How long should my weekly lesson be?

  • This is up to you and your goals! Check out our plans here for more details and ideas.

When is the best time to begin musical instruction?

  • We aren’t firm believers in strict age categorization. Some students are ready early in life, while others prefer to wait a while longer. A student is ready when they repeatedly ask for lessons, or when they show constant interest in musical ideas.