All corporate seminars are tailored to your company and goals! Using the platforms outlined below, our team will lead your group in an energetic and fun seminar that is guaranteed to uplift and motivate! Let Music as Language make a difference for you!

Join the BAND

In this seminar, attendees complete a fun personality profile that we use to help them see how they fit into a "band" (team-based environment). After splitting up the teams, we perform creative activities that help spur ideas and showcase how every individual with different traits and gifts help to make "music" (ideas, innovations, projects). This seminar blends ideas of communication, problem solving, creativity, and collaboration.

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All in Time - Using Music to Help Time Management

Time management seems to be the biggest struggle in modern business. Can we use beats and music to help keep us going and finish the projects and goals that we aim to achieve? Learn how musicians keep in time, to help keep your team motivated and moving forward at "Vivace" tempos! This seminar blends ideas of time management, motivation, tips and tricks for the Pomodoro technique, and collaboration.

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