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Instead of aimlessly playing out of a method book or trying to memorize song-by-song on YouTube, what if you actually had a strategy and roadmap for success in your musical progress?

It's possible! Get the exact steps you need to become a fulfilled and successful musician.

Get a coach!

Teaching and Coaching....


Should it be one or the other?

Let's look at the definitions, presented by

Phil Dexter


"Teaching is explaining something to someone. It is the natural reaction that all of us have - someone asks us a question and we give them an answer. Perhaps we go the extra mile, and teach them - 'here’s the answer, and here’s how I got to it.' The problem is solved and the knowledge passed on… kind of.

Coaching is a little different. Coaches give the individual the prompts and the space to develop problem solving skills themselves. Rather than focusing on the issue, coaches use a variety of techniques to help the person to think creatively in order to come to a solution. As well as solving the immediate problem, the person develops confidence and ability to help them in their future.

Experience of solving the issue brings true development. From teaching, the person will return with similar problems in the future.


The art of the coach is in developing the individual (or team) to independently deal with situations."

Music students should have a weekly teacher to learn new skills and work on new material. You can then add a coach for an extra-boost to help with overcoming obstacles, planning a roadmap for success, focusing on practice schedules, and maintaining a strong habit in goal-setting. 

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