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What language are you speaking today?


You should receive everything a teacher has to offer.

Just because you may accept less, doesn't mean that you should.

Your musical journey should be all-inclusive.

You should be a VIP.

This is the basis of Music As Language.

Music as Language aims to educate students on the fundamentals of music,
while incorporating communication skills through listening and making informed opinions about what they hear. This studio understands that not everyone will be a professional performer, thus, why not teach a balanced and well-rounded private music program that will help students learn and communicate better in every field?

Music should help students excel not only in performance and musical practice, but also in their education, their goal-setting abilities, and their confidence level.

Why not learn music the way we learn to speak?
Pitches can be the nouns, and rhythms can be the verbs.
With every noun and verb, you can have descriptors.
These would be the dynamics and the articulation.

You can’t have language without all of these components, nor can you have music.

When a student learns the basics of pitches -- how they are read, used and spoken,
then, they can begin to learn about rhythms and how a basic musical phrase can be put together.

Students use this knowledge in reading, writing, and “speaking” music. Every student in Music as Language has become a better musician, a well-rounded student, and a better communicator.

Music As Language offers private music lessons for kids and adults alike. Our music teachers are specialists in vocal training, vocal coaching, piano training, piano lessons, guitar training, guitar lessons, and general music classes. We proudly serve the South Bay area, specifically the communities of Morgan Hill, Gilroy, and San Jose, CA.


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