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Shankari P.

Majhon has been a great addition to the musical side of our family! She is a true professional, always attentive, sensitive, and courteous. In addition to working hard for her students, she goes the extra mile in terms of helping the parents stay organized with reminders, email updates, and other communication. She is a very positive influence on our children. She customizes her style to fit the child. A real gem! I would highly recommend Majhon!

Nicole S.

Majhon is one of those special and incredible talents that you may have the opportunity to meet and share the pure love for music as a language!!!! She is wonderful and has a beautiful and blessed soul

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Amie R.

Since starting at MaL last July my daughter has sung with a live band behind her and won a radio contest where she was able to sing the star Spangled Banner at a San Jose Giants game. The support and encouragement from these ladies has done wonders for her confidence! I highly recommend Music as Language.

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