The Story:


Majhon Phillips was always torn by her passions for language and music. As a student, she double-majored in languages and music and traveled extensively studying both fields. After she earned her undergraduate degrees, she undertook a Masters program in International Education and Music, which allowed her to combine all of her interests. This work created the foundation for Music as Language. 


Majhon began teaching music in 2003, and has continued to grow in students since that time. Upon moving to the Bay Area, Majhon also began working in communications and consulted major Silicon Valley technology organizations in public speaking, media briefings, social media best practices and general communications. During this time, she realized that many well-educated people had little knowledge in communication and listening. 


It was with all of these experiences that Majhon started Music as Language. Music is a great tool for learning about listening, being able to communicate effectively, and have fun in the process - all while learning an invaluable skill set! 

Now in New York City, Majhon continues to grow Music As Language and its programs, as well as consulting teachers and students.


The Logistics:


Majhon Phillips earned a Bachelor of Music Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in Languages (both Summa Cum Laude) from Southeast Missouri State University. She also holds a Master of Education degree with honors from the University of Illinois. 


Majhon furthered her studies in music at the Liszt School of Music Weimar in Germany and at the University of Missouri. She studied languages at Portland State University and Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany. 


Majhon has performed recitals and concerts across America and Europe, in such locations as Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Shrine, Notre Dame Cathedral, Frauenkirche, St. Mark’s Basilica, Westminster Abbey, New York University, St. James Cathedral - Louisville, and The River Campus Conservatory at Southeast Missouri State University. 


When not performing or teaching, Majhon has consulted tech organizations such as Cisco, the Open Networking Foundation, DigitalPersona, EFI, and IP Infusion in communications and social media best practices. 


Majhon’s students have won state and national competitions in music and academics, have received scholarships on musical ability and communication skills, and have passed their Certificate of Merit evaluations (100%)!

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